About Us

Choice New York Management, LLC is a multi-disciplined real estate management company offering a broad array of services, including commercial and residential property management, leasing, advisory and project management.

Choice New York Management takes a new approach to an old business. We are able to create an individualized business plan that addresses each client's specific goals, focusing on maximizing cash-flow, increasing property value, and sustainability. Our comprehensive management approach uses smart technology, innovative marketing techniques and, when fiscally warranted, implementation of energy efficient measures.

Choice New York Management's unique strategy blends traditional real estate concepts with a progressive approach to property management which makes the difference between a poor venture and a successful investment. The principals of Choice New York Management have a combined 21 years of experience in the New York metropolitan real estate market. Choice New York Management is led by its founders Michael Feldman and Benjamin Bottner.

Services Overview

Choice New York Management, LLC is a comprehensive property management company that excels in managing various asset types in the New York Metropolitan Region.

  • Commercial
  • Multi-Family
  • Condominiums and Cooperatives
  • Single Unit Apartments