What We Offer

Property and Asset Management

Choice New York Management is a comprehensive property and asset management company that excels in managing various asset types in the New York Metropolitan Region.  We are specialists in the following:

  • Commercial. Within the commercial sector, we specialize in buildings with office and retail components that gross up to $10 millionin annual income. 
  • Residential. We are thoroughly qualified to handle apartment buildings with rent controlled, rent stabilized, free market and IMD tenants in Manhattan and prime areas of Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Northern New Jersey. 
  • Condominiums and Cooperatives. We are highly skilled in navigating boards through the issues that face many associations and corporations today. We handle all aspects of running an association and corporation, which in turn protects unit owners' and shareholders' interests and enhances the livability and value of their homes. 

Value Add Management

Our process not only adjusts to suit scale and asset type, but is adaptable on a client-specific basis. Our methodology, however, is consistent across all of Choice New York’s Accounts.  Generally, we begin by understanding the physical building, which includes a complete evaluation of the exterior, mechanical systems, common areas, individual units, and commercial space. Choice New York then conducts a submarket analysis to identify any competitive deficiencies in relation to comparable properties and, where warranted and viable, recommends an improvement plan broken down quarterly over our first year of management. This plan outlines potential needs, estimates the costs and explores the available funding options. Choice New York then assesses each property’s financial reports from the previous 24 months. We pay particular attention to the expenses, current and projected rent roll, available liquidity and net cash flow. This includes reviewing all vendor contracts, mortgages, and insurance policies to explore opportunities to lower non-fixed expenses. We have also established strong relationships with the top tax certioraris in region, which allows us to help our clients lower their real estate taxes at a discounted legal cost. Choice New York takes an active approach to preventative maintenance. A principal of the company personally inspects the property on a regular basis. We inspect all work performed under the maintenance contracts. Our preventative maintenance procedures typically save money while extending the useful life of the building’s mechanical equipment. 

Services Overview

Choice New York Management, LLC is a comprehensive property management company that excels in managing various asset types in the New York Metropolitan Region.

  • Commercial
  • Multi-Family
  • Condominiums and Cooperatives
  • Single Unit Apartments