Building Operations

At Choice New York, either Mr. Feldman or Mr. Bottner is actively engaged in the owner’s property. Each principal takes a hands-on, “roll up our sleeves” approach that serves our clients well. We begin by understanding the physical building. We conduct a complete evaluation of the mechanical systems, the exterior, common areas, and all units.  

Building Repairs

Choice New York takes a pragmatic approach to building repairs. We first identify the problem and determine the the most appropriate solution. We prepare a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) that is sent to a minimum of three vendors with a time frame to submit the proposal and a target date of completion. The vendors then offer a ‘blind-bid’ proposal along with proof of proper insurance is required with the proposal.  

Vendor oversight

Once we have selected the most appropriate vendor to meet our goals, their job typically commences immediately. Choice New York closely monitors the job by overseeing all supply purchases and checking receipts, requiring status reports and making periodic, unannounced site visits. We like to compensate our vendors within a reasonable time frame and strive to treat them firmly but fairly.  Choice New York is also very cognizant of our client’s liability exposure. We require every vendor to add the owner onto their insurance policy as an additional insured, with specific mandated coverage minimums.  While timeliness is always a challenge in the building repair industry, our experience has been that executing all building repairs swiftly has a tangible effect on the long-term performance of the property.  Quick turnarounds on building repairs not only result in lower annual maintenance expenses, but also an improved tenant retention rate.  

Preventative Maintenance

Choice New York takes an active approach to preventative maintenance. A Choice New York principal inspects each property on a regular basis as well as the work performed under the maintenance contracts. Our preventative maintenance procedure typically saves money while extending the useful life of the building’s mechanical equipment. In addition to the cost savings of avoiding major repairs, it is our experience that a consistent preventative maintenance plan is the best way to avoid interruptions to basic building services,  which has a direct impact on lease renewal rates.  This in turn minimizes the loss of rent from vacancies and increases the overall income of the property. 

Municipal compliance

We properly input and submit all necessary forms for the DOB and ECB and we review each form individually prior to submission in an effort to avoid errors that can result in costly consequences. The importance of this task cannot be overlooked as there are a litany of rules and regulations that must be strictly followed. This expense line item is often underestimated and can hinder the profit margins that owners depend on, especially as municipal agencies continue to increase mandatory regulations. 

Emergency Services

Buildings can require attention at any hour of the day or night. This is why Choice New York provides around the clock access for each client, including home and mobile phone numbers of each of Choice New York’s principals. Our emergency service line is answered by a live person 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and each call is directed to the appropriate person based on specific instructions provided by Choice New York.  

Services Overview

Choice New York Management, LLC is a comprehensive property management company that excels in managing various asset types in the New York Metropolitan Region.

  • Commercial
  • Multi-Family
  • Condominiums and Cooperatives
  • Single Unit Apartments